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Foreign Investment Banks & Japanese Major Securities Firms

  • Executive Officers (Vice President & Managing Directors)
  • Senior bankers having responsibility for coverage, M&A, ECM and DCM divisions
  • Head of capital markets, equity markets and IPO division
  • Senior traders, sales and structurers for equities and fixed incomes including head position
  • Solution Business Profeshionals of Capital markets/IBD
  • Chief economists, strategists and analysts for equities and fixed income research divisions including head position
  • COO, CAO and executives responsible for human resources, finance, legal & compliance, internal audit, risk management, operations and IT
  • Head of Retail division
  • Head of Wealth Management (Family Office)
  • Senior Private Bankers
  • Board members, Major internet securities companies (in charge of Planning, Finance, M&A and Human Resources)

Major Asset Management Firms (including REIT Hedge Funds)

  • Executive Officers and audits including president, vice chairman, CIO, COO, and CMO
  • Senior fund managers, product specialists for equities and fixed incomes
  • Head and senior sales responsible for pension funds, financial institutions and retails (investment trust)
  • Executives responsible for human resources, finance, legal & compliance, internal audit, risk management, operations and client services
  • Head and senior responsible for ESG, Engagement and Exercising voting rights

World’s Largest Asset Owners & Policy Common Funds

  • Chairman, CIO, CRO, etc.
  • Investment Management Professionals

Private Equity / Venture Capital Funds (including Governmental Funds)

  • Executives including president (CIO, COO, etc.)
  • Management specialists including responsibility for investment turnaround division, and other investment managers
  • Decarbonized environment-related investment managers
  • CEO, CFO and executives for target companies

Foreign & Japanese Mega Commercial Banks

  • Officers in charge of ESG
  • Directors of Digital
  • Head of transaction banking, relationship manager and various specialists (including loan officers)
  • Structured finance specialists including project finance
  • Risk management, internal audit professionals
  • Specialists in each market division (derivatives, securitization, structurers, proprietary traders, quants, IT professionals)
  • Specialists in each retail division (marketing, wealth management, advising professionals)

Foreign & Japanese Major Life Insurance, Non-Life Insurance Firms

  • Executive officers including CIO
  • Heads and professionals in consulting, agency sales, bank assurance, direct marketing sales divisions
  • Heads and professionals in product development (including actuary) and marketing strategy divisions
  • Captive professionals and head of relationship management for non-life insurance firms


  • Attorney at major domestic and overseas law offices
  • Partners, consultants, actuary, system engineers at domestic and overseas major strategy, accounting, human resource, IT consulting firms
  • Board members and other management professionals of Advisory boutique firm (M&A/Business Succession Planning)


  • President and CFO mainly for target companies of investment funds
  • Head and executives in M&A divisions

Outside Directors / Outside Audit & Supervisory Board Members

  • Megabanks, major regional banks, major securities companies, leading think tanks, system integrator companies etc.


  • Managers for corporate planning and strategy in key hospitals
  • COO and senior investment managers in advisory or investment firms in the energy industry
  • Tokyo office representatives for Mid-East conglomerates
  • COO, CAO, General Counsel, Head of Human Resources, and Corporate Advisors of Major Independent Renewable energy firm